From the Field

How to Prepare for Adverse Weather in Your Field

Everyone knows over the past three years, the Midwest has been hit by some vastly different weather every summer. Starting with flooding in 2019, heavy rainfall in 2020, and drought and heatwave in 2021.

Immediately, Vince Wertman’s mind jumps to the customers and what’s happening in their fields. Crops aren’t the only thing in their field, you know — extreme weather, especially heat, can affect all the microorganisms living in the growers’ field soil.

A question Vince, Regional Sales Manager and Technical Services Director at Agrauxine – North America, gets asked often is: “How do I prepare when I don’t know what the weather will be like this year?”

The quick answer – just be aware. We’ve had adverse conditions in the past, so be aware that it might happen again this upcoming growing season. In addition, give your crops a boost with a biological to help them and the soil be protected against those adverse conditions.

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