Graph-Ex for Dry Beans is a specially formulated blend of encapsulated Rhizobia dry bean inoculant. The Rhizobia in Graph-Ex for Dry Beans is a different type of Rhizobia than is used for soybeans.


Graph-Ex Dry Beans is an inoculant seed treatment in a talc-graphite carrier. It is comprised of beneficial bacteria (rhizobia) especially for dry beans to fix nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules.

Graph-Ex for Dry Beans treats the following: Black beans, Cranberry beans, Field/Canning beans, Garden or String beans, Great Northern beans, Kidney beans, Navy beans, Pink beans, Pinto beans, Scarlet Runner beans, Snap beans and Wax beans.

Graph-Ex uses an innovative talc-graphite carrier for increased seed flowability with high adhesion and low use rates. Seed pre-treated with fungicide/insecticide packages often has rough seed surfaces that can interfere with seed flowability.

The talc/graphite formulation not only increases seed flowability, but also helps to lubricate the planter equipment. This is important, as it will minimize seed hang-ups in your equipment and reduces the wear and tear on your units.

Rhizolock is the encapsulation process used by Agrauxine in our planter box legume products. The process protects the rhizobia and allows us to combine the bacteria with the talc and graphite formulation.

Application Rate

Graph-Ex for Dry Beans is a planter box treatment that can be added just before planting. Add 0.5 ounces by weight to every 50 lbs. of seed. Make sure to mix Graph-Ex for Dry Beans thoroughly with the seed. It is packaged in a 25 oz jug. Each jug treats 50 x 50 lb. of seed. Refer to the Graph-Ex for Dry Beans label for specific rates and directions.