Get up and Grow. Enhancement for Agricultural Crops.


Excellorate is for use on a wide range of plants including, but not limited to, row crops and cereals. This product is not recommended for use as a fertilizer or fertilizer substitute. A synergistic liquid blend of carbohydrates, essential plant nutrients, beneficial enzymes and naturally occurring plant and soil stimulants.

A liquid enhancement that provides an extra source of essential biological factors needed to help overcome stresses during germination, emergence and early plant growth. Excellorate assists the plant with strong “up and out” of the ground performance, as well as during in-season growth.

Represents a next generation of technology, combining complex carbohydrates, essential growth factors and is formulated to supplement biological activity.

When combined with live products, enhances the biological product performance.

Designed for on seed, in-furrow or foliar applications.


  • Enhances seedling vigor and early stand establishment
  • Increase yields
  • Will not interfere with active ingredient performance
  • Enhances biological activity with organisms, such as Rhizobia, Bacillus & Trichoderma



  • Effective on corn, soybeans, cereals and other row crops
  • Compatible with most seed treatments
  • Not a live product, no live precautions needed
  • Can be tank mixed with active ingredients
  • Low use rate, not sticky


Crop : Application Rate

Corn (Field, Sweet and Pop) : 0.5 oz per 80,000 Kernels
Soybeans : 0.5 oz per 140,000 Seeds
Cereals (Wheat, Sorghum, Oats, Spelt, Barley, Rye and Triticale) : 0.5 oz per 100# of seed

In-furrow Treatment

For all crops the recommended rate is to apply at least 4 fl/oz and up to 6 fl/oz per acre. Typically 5-10 gallons of water per acre of in-furrow application.


Foliar Application

Product may be foliar applied at most stages of plant growth at the rate of 8 fl/oz to 16 fl/oz per acre. For best results spray when the crop is in an active growing state after irrigation or natural rainfall. Spray early in the morning or late in the afternoon for best leaf absorption. Use adequate water to wet foliage, typically 5-10 gallons of water per acre of application. (Foliar application is intended as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and will not, by itself, provide the nutrients normally required by agricultural crops.)