America's Best Inoculant for Peanuts is a Rhizobia package for top yield responses for only pennies per acre. Conveniently packaged in easy to handle 2.2 gallon jugs.


America’s Best Inoculant for Peanuts is made in the USA with a unique and specific blend of effective Rhizobia stains that allow for performance under a variety of soils and soil conditions. Rhizobia increase nodulation, which in turn increases nitrogen fixation. America’s Best Inoculant is available in convenient 2.2 gallon jugs as a sterile liquid. Each jug treats 20 acres of peanut seed in furrow. A case contains two x 2.2 gallon jugs and treats 40 acres of peanut seed.

Treats the following crops:
Acacia, Adzuki bean, Alyce clover, Asparagus-bean, Centrosema, Common lespedeza, Cowpea, Desmodium spp., Hairy indigo, Jackbean, Jointvetch (Aeschynomene), Korean lespedeza, Kudzu, Mung bean, Lima Bean, Partridge pea, Peanut, Pigeon pea, Sericea lespedeza, Siratro, Slender bushclover, Striped crotalaria, Sunn crotalaria, Tepary bean, Velvet bean, Wild indigo, Winged bean, Winged crotalaria

America’s Best Inoculant contains a Rhizobia strain for top yield responses. This strain was developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics.

America’s Best Inoculant for Peanuts is adaptable to multiple soil types and conditions. Application of this peanut inoculant is fast and easy and is compatible with other seed treatments. It is available as a non-gel liquid formulation. America’s Best Inoculant for Peanuts contains NO GMO’s.

America’s Best Inoculant has been shown to be a beneficial seed treatment in soybeans, peanuts, and peas/lentils.

America’s Best Inoculant for Peanuts In-Furrow

Only use America’s Best Inoculant for Peanuts in spray tanks that have been cleaned and are free of all chemical residue. Dilute America’s Best Inoculant for Peanuts in non-chlorinated water. Recommended rate of non-chlorinated water per acre is 10 to 20 gallons per acre. See the label for complete directions and rates.