From the Field

Tips for Managing a Sales Force in the Ag Industry

I think I’m safe in assuming that the 2019 crop year is one that many would like to forget, certainly across the Midwest. My travels have taken me throughout a wide area over the past 60 days and seeing those standing crops reminds me just how bad things were in 2019. But a new growing season is now on our doorstep and that means we have an opportunity to right last year’s wrongs and maximize our yields on 2020 crops.

Seed biologicals are a highly technical category of businesses that require sales professionals with a passion for information, education and personal connections with customers. At ABM, it’s all about relationships and trust, so managing our sales force can be a complex — but highly rewarding — occupation. I’ve served as the director of North American sales for nearly four years and been with the company for seven, so I’ve definitely learned a few things along the way.

When it comes to taking care of our team of nine sales professionals, I like to keep three key points in mind when it comes to setting goals, meeting targets and dealing with the day to day challenges of the business.

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