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How Can A Fungus Survive Seed-Applied Fungicides?

If we use a fungus as a beneficial biological seed treatment, how can it coexist and thrive when used in combination with other seed-applied fungicides? A fungicide should kill a fungus, right?

Trichoderma is a soil-borne fungus and occurs naturally all over the world. As of 2015, at least 250 species had been identified and classified, and this list continues to grow as new species are discovered.

A main focus for all companies producing biological products is the challenge of delivering living organisms into a production agriculture environment. The seed coat, phyllosphere, furrow, tank mix, etc are all harsh environments with their own hazards, and great care must be taken to ensure biological survivability. Different companies take different approaches to making this happen with a mixture of results. When evaluating a biological product, be sure to ask: What steps have been taken to ensure product viability and efficacy – Specialized use instructions? Encapsulation? Over-formulation?

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