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5 Benefits of Healthy Soil for Crops

Soil is a vital part of our environment. It allows plants to grow, holds and cleans water, recycles nutrients and provides a home for a multitude of organisms on Earth. Without soil, we wouldn’t be able to grow any crops – with the exception of hydroponics – and in turn, have any food on our tables.

“Healthy” soil can be defined as one that is a home for a multitude of organisms – for example, bacteria, amoebae, insect larvae, earthworms, etc. Most of these organisms – big and small – are an essential part of enhancing the nutrients that stimulate plant growth.

We’ve already mentioned that soil plays a major role in the development and life of your crops, but just how important is it? Let’s take a moment to look at all that soil has to offer us.

5 Benefits of Healthy Soil

  1. Soil sustains life. Soil is the source of essentially EVERYTHING. For example, wool may come from sheep and pencils from trees, but what these two have in common are that they both rely on plants that grow in the soil for their nourishment.
  2. Soil allows food to grow and ultimately, feed the world. Without soil, plants would not have the essential nutrients they need to grow and prosper. Likewise, soil is known as an “anchorage” – allowing the root systems to extend downward through the soil and in turn stabilize plants so that they can grow efficiently.
  3. Soil contains many nutrients needed by all plants to grow. Food, water, and a list of other vital nutrients. Not only does soil cover a majority of the world’s land surface – but it also provides life to all plants. Soil gives back to the plants – supplying them with many of the nutrients they need.
  4. Healthy soil aids in the cleanliness of the environment – decreasing erosion and air pollution. Known best for recycling raw materials and filtering water, soil continues to keep our environment as clean as possible. The brown, crumbly matter beneath us prevents erosion and works to convert waste into newer and better things so that it can easily be reused by nature.
  5. The healthier the soil, the more nutrients ANY plant can soak up. Healthy soil will contain a plethora of organic matter, harboring an ideal home and food for various organisms, such as earthworms. It will also contain lumps and clumps of different sizes and be rich in nutrients that various plants can use as their sole source of food.

While soil may be so common that we often take it for granted – it is important that we remember just how important it is to our very existence – and to the existence of the things we use each day.

Healthy soil helps bind particles together, improves soil structure, retains water, and improves the soil fertility resulting in higher yields for farmers.

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