Smartfoil is a biological liquid applied by foliar application. Used before flowering, the product reduces the effects of abiotic stresses (drought, temperature…) and secures the yield by reducing abortion during the reproduction stage. Smartfoil is rich in organic molecules fermented by the yeast to obtain metabolites which are easily assimilated by crops.

Get Ready for the Big Bloom, and Big Yields.

Smartfoil is a biological, yeast-based foliar application that reduces abiotic stress and preserves flowering by reducing flower abortions


Smartfoil can be easily tank-mixed with other products. It is stable and without constraints of storage.


Smartfoil is usable in organic and conventional farming. It has been commercialized in 20 countries with more than 1,000 trials performed on 20 different crops.

Tested, Proven Results

Smartfoil had a +6.6 bu/a increase on average in 2022 and in 2021 the average was + 8.2 bu/a.

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